25tolifePS2,Bro if you see this message please holla at me back on DC
It is what it is, deal with it and enjoy playing ttl over lan
VPN, i will get you
Punisher, you messed up the entire game - calling yourself the Godfather of TTL but srsly what have u done within the last 12 years ? NOTHING except turning this classy game into dogshit. You know we tried to get in contact with you many many times but you never accepted other opinions cus you are so stubborn. The fact that u banned all players from my community and being cheeky - i will do everything i can to ensure that you will never be part of this community and project - even when you use V
Its your chance to join the project because of the fact that u studied the entire game for years it would be easier for the network developers. Heres our DC its new but your welcome https://discord.gg/XXXXX - See you hopefully there have a nice day my friend
We all know that u have a big knowledge when it comes to 25 to life - you taken apart the whole game and thats why you are welcome to join the project but keep in mind, you dont own the game or making any profits out of it. Also there will be no modifications or "improvement" - this is an oldschool game and we keep it like that. Maybe we can do some small changes but not the way like you have done it. Because the game is in a way P2P its not easy to get a anti cheat system running
Punisher you have put a lot of work and time into 25 to life but to be honest - you messed up the entire game. Its kinda buggy and no fun because of the weapon improvement u have done. I know u dont wanna hear it but we found 2 developers who emulated the entire network from one game which is build on quazal - the protocols are nearly identical ( SYN, CONNECT, DATA, DISCONNECT, PING, USER/NATPING, ACK, RESET ). We started one week ago and keep looking for people who employed
with 25 to life
These two guys are the main developer of 25tolife both designed the network. I dont want the server files but maybe they can tell us if its even possible to make 25 to life back online. Otherwise its wasting life time to keep working on it
Ken Harward was the Studio director at Ritual Entertainment. He developed titles like 25 To Life together with Bryant Collard. Hes running his own Business since 2007 and still producing titles in 2020
His mail is kenharward@gmail.com (Best personal) and ken@truethought.com (for business)
Bryant Collard is a Lead Software Engineer working at Avalanche Software / Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment (2000 - 2020) He designed and implement the whole Network system, built on top of Quazals NetZ package used in 25 To Life.

His mail is bcollard@avalanchesoftware.com
Avalanche Software, LLC [Developer]
* Broadsword Interactive Limited
* Crystal Dynamics
* Ritual Entertainment, Inc. [Developer]
* Eidos Interactive, Inc. [Publisher, Debug/QA]
* Highway 1 Productions, Inc.
* Plastic Wax Animation [FMV]
* Quazal [Engine/Middleware/Network]

I found a lot of new details in the TTL.exe including a few contact details from the developers, network designers and the company who made the cross-platform multiplayer tool "Net Z" dev
I know the chance is like Zero to get 25 To Life running back online BUT i found very good news and maybe theres a hope to make it happen. 25 To Life were running over Net Z thats a network tool produced from Quazal network. I found a lot of informations and wrote everything together
ty bro
u have sent me the emt converter in 2018 but i lost it
Can you please send me the EMT TO mp3 converter i want the music from 25 to life that u converted new bro
Yoo punisher its me uscrcash
who wants to play? 2018
im ready to spend $500 to get servers back online, punisher if you have idea contact officialroninkatish@gmail.com
DRUGSxMONEYxSEX, if you want to play on LAN register here vk.com
there are ways to back this game back online i just dunno nothing from scripting and clients so we need some people who know how to work with it
I even would spend money for the guy who would script something for us
Whats crackin ! Anyone still out there who fuck with this game ? I bought a ps2 few months ago but its smashed so i move back to PC where all started FUCK Ps2 its not the same ! Played this game 4 years with my homies tuckdragon,oldstyle, young hero mario PL, Totti, Fuma Hero, CoF Clan S.H DMS i still know yall of u. If anyone still wanna play hit me up over hamachi 25TOLIFEBEST pw 1234 or Tunngle my name is uscrcash1. Maybe theres a way to make this game back online maybe not like before but
25tolifePS2, buy hamachi network
that more accurately bought qtracker? Take a screenshot, show that you bought
anyways, good luck in everything, i played with u in (DARK) in year 2010 if u rememeber, thank u for good memories and goodbye.
i agree with you that 25 to life died, even in the qtracker there is like 3-5 people, I hope eidos make 25 to life 2 for PS4 and PC
didnt sold me, sold us, and qtracker, qtracker is company buys offline PS2 games and re-online them, check out qtracker in google
To start online, should be the server part. Software that performs matchmaking. It is always the developers and those who hold the server. Without it, the multiplayer is impossible. You lied. Said that eidos sold you the server. Humble yourself. 25 tl died.
i never hosted PC game, tell me what you need to repack 25 to life online pc, tell me what server should i give you? i dont know about PC games, i'm PS2 programmer.
lol What? You were bragging about the server. So solve this issue myself
do Google Cloud DNS will work for 25 to life? go check, if yes i buy account.
nice i will upload files to server, and test
yes, 5 min
you have this? This will help a lot !
No, like Rank system, account register, like this
WHAT FILES? So which specifies an IP address? It most likely is listed in .exe
It is necessary that the server worked, first than to try to spoof IP
a working online? What do you mean? listen get the online files on .RAR and send them to my e-mail and i will contact you when i get them in server..then i give u to be server admin.. just send me the online files ok? officialroninkatish@gmail.com
I have idea how to pack the game and I'm sure I can do it. But first you need to see a working online.
You told me that sold eidos you server. VPS server is not sufficient to working multiplayer. Need a server program itself. In any case, I do not know what's inside the multiplayer in 25 to life. The Internet is full service offering VPS server.
and you can bann hackers and modfiles players.