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Download 25 To Life Premium
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Features of the premium version:

Additional weapons:
-"Adder" - High-power pistol with an optical sight.
-"Commando" - Automatic with high rate of fire.
-"Law" - Blow up your enemies.

-"Usas-12 Shotgun" - Quick-firing automatic shotgun
-"2X Magnum" - Two Crushing Magnums.

-"2X Desert Eagle' - Two slaughter pistols.
-"2X Mariushin" - Two automatic Magnums.
-"Opgl Stun" - A grenade launcher with an electric effect.
-"Napalm" -  Burn your enemies into the ashes.
-"Barret' - Sniper rifle with extreme zoom.

-"Thumper" - Spare grenade launcher.
-"Shock" - New stun grenades.

Additional privileges:
Each sponsor has the right to ask to immortalize the character
he created, in the section of ready-made characters.
No more than one character.

Ability to play on the future server.



*Access to downloading the premium version of the game is available only to those users whose addresses were entered by the administrator. To get the full version of the game, pay a 16USD fee to support the servers. For more information, contact Elephantkilla.




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