Always wanted to take on the role of bandit? Or maybe vice versa? Play for the forces of law and order and arrest all kinds of scoundrels? You found what you were looking for! 25 To Life team shooter, with up to 16 players. During the game you have to go to the showdown with other gangs, use people as human shields or confront the bandits by conducting raids on their shelters by putting handcuffs on their wrists. Each side has its own unique weapon. Choose for what you will fight, and go!

Features Game:
* Shoot from 78 types of weapons.
* Total customization of your character.
* More than 20 different maps.
* Different modes from standard slaughter to robbery.
* Soundtrack from hip-hop stars 2Pac, Public Enemy, Xzibit, Tech N9ne, DMX, etc.

Features Repack:
-Cut a single player game.
-Open all weapons.
-Available all clothing and characters.
-Added BloodMod.
-Added Radmin VPN CLient.
-No Invalid-Agent Messages.
-Improved Game Settings.
-New mode Wipe-out
-New mode Gang Wars
-Updated War mode with additional locations
-Updated Robbery mode with additional locations
-Even longer Soundtrack.

Minimum system requirements:
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7/8/10
Processor: Intel Pentium-3 1,2 ГГц
RAM: 256 MB
VGA: 64Mb 3D Card
Hard disk space: 2.5GB

At the moment the game is carried out through the program Radmin VPN on the local network. Read the instructions at How To Play.
Unfortunately, the game through the local network is limited. It lacks features such as: Creation of clans, Ranks, Friends, statistics, sending inside game messages and invitations. In 2018, the leaders of the gaming VPN Tunngle and Evolve through the virtual local area network ended their activities. Therefore, if you have the means or knowledge to create your own server for the game, please contact the administrator in Discord.

  • YandexDisk (1,5Gb \ Last update: 28.04.2021 | 2.10 ) 
  • Mega (1,5Gb \ Last update: 28.04.2021 | 2.10 )
  • GoogleDrive (1,5Gb \ Last update: 28.04.2021 | 2.10 ) 


  • 2.10 | 31.03.2021
    - Updated lobby network settings to eliminate frequent crashes.
    - Updated the Big War mode to eliminate frequent crashes when switching game modes.
    - Big War mode is combined with the regular War mode. Now all categories of locations are available in one section of the mode. 
    - Reworked Gang War mode to be fully functional and does not crash the game. In addition, Gang War now has a full selection of MP, SP or Arena maps. 
    - For Robbery game mode, you can now select any map (MP, SP or Arena maps)




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