Features Of The Premium Version:

There are no more goals for the existence of this version.
But if suddenly, someone wants to spend your $3USD.
I'm ready to offer you a slightly improved 25 To Life.

- Reduced sight size
The one because of which many critics made a bad verdict on the game.
That shit cost me a hell of a lot of effort to get that fucking giant scope off.

- Perpetuate the character
Each sponsor has the right to ask to immortalize the character he created,
in the section of ready-made characters. No more than one character.

- Rank Sponsor
The rank of "Sponsor" with elevated privileges in the discord server.







*Access to downloading the premium version of the game is available only to those users whose addresses were entered by the administrator. To get the full version of the game, pay a 3USD fee to support the servers. For more information, contact Elephantkilla.


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